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We are a supplier and exporter of wide range of Oleochemicals like Soap Noodles of various grades, Glycerine USP/BP Grade, Distilled Fatty Acids, Fractionated fatty acids, Fatty Alcohols, Fatty Acid Ethoxylates, RBD Oils, Fatty Acid Distillates, Acid Oils etc. Most of our products are originating from Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand except a few from India. Because of being in this business for so long, we have built excellent working relationships with all our supply chain partners and service providers making us extremely competitive in pricing and deliveries.  Our team of dedicated professionals analyze the market trends and also guide the clients in buying their feedstock at an appropriate time when the prices are favorable.

Product Range


o Distilled Fatty Acids of various grades like

§ Distilled Coconut Fatty Acid

§ Distilled Palm Kernel Fatty Acid

§ Distilled Palm Oil Fatty Acid

o Fractionated Fatty Acids like

§ Lauric Acid

§ Myristic Acid

§ Palmitic Acid

§ Stearic Acid

§ Oleic Acid

o Fatty Alcohols of various grades like

§ C1214 - Lauryl Myristyl Alcohol

§ C1618 - Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol

§ C16 Cetyl Alcohol

§ C18 Stearyl Alcohol

o Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylats of various grades

o Bi-products from Refineries like

§ Palm Fatty Acid Distillate

§ Palm Kernel Fatty Acid Distillate

§ Acid Oils

· Soap Noodles

o Toilet Soap Noodles of various grades like

§ Soap Noodles 8020, TFM 78% min

§ Soap Noodles 9010, TFM 78% min

o Laundry Soap Noodles of various grades

§ LSN TFM 64%

§ LSN TFM 60%

o Multipurpose Soap Noodles of various grades

§ MSN 9010, TFM 72%

§ MSN 9010, TFM 74%

Refined And Deodorized Oils

o Edible Oils & Cooking Oils

o RBD Palm Kernel Oil

o RBD Coconut Oil

o RBD Palm Oil

o RBD Palm Stearin


o Glycerine USP Grade

o Glycerine BP Grade

Speciality Fat

o Shortenings

o Coating Fat

o Cocobutter Substitute

o Filling Fats

o Ice cream Fats

Nature of Business

Exporter and Supplier

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees